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Water Treatment System

Say goodbye to high iron content leaving stains in your bath or on your white clothes. Water hardness will be a thing of the past thanks to Dan, the water man! Northwest Water Treatment & Pump Service can promptly fix your low producing well systems, too!

Water you will be happy to use in your home

Call today to get FREE estimates for water treatments throughout Whatcom and

Skagit Counties!

• Rust / Iron removal

• Manganese removal

• Chlorine removal

• Tannin  / glacial silt removal

• Arsenic / nitrate removal

Get rid of dangerous ingredients

Northwest Water Treatment & Pump Service will easily reverse osmosis systems and create meter demand regeneration with water softeners and conditioners. Quality water will also extend the life of your appliances! Make sure your water is safe for you and your children to drink.

High-quality drinking water

For over 25 years

We are licensed, insured, and bonded!